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Thursday 16th November 2017

'Sheffield PHP - Lightning Talks'

Showroom Cafe

Ben Longden   Sam Biggins

On the 16th November we met for our first event in our new venue; The Showroom Cafe. We hosted a series of lightning talks offering insights into Composer & Spryker! We also gave away a free PHP Storm licence to one of our attendees; Phil Hancox.

Ben's talk taught us more about Spryker with insights into it's architecture, code structure, and patterns.

Sam's talk concluded our night with a quick overview of Composer and why there is no excuse not to use it, before diving into some of it's more powerful features!

It was great to see some fresh faces at our event!

Ben Longden

Software Engineer, CTO at Inviqa, Spryker, REST, HAL, Hypermedia, PHP and F1

Sam Biggins

Sam Biggins is a software engineer by trade with a strong passion for automation and process improvement. He is currently heading up the development team at Evoluted as their Head of Development.

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